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  • Do you (or your kids) long to walk in the footsteps of Harry, Ron, and Hermione?
  • Does 18th century Scotland, Middle Earth, Jane Austen’s England, or Hemingway’s Paris beckon?
  • Do you want to visit places full of interesting characters, whether they’re living, dead, or imaginary?
  • Do you dream of turning your favorite book into a real-life adventure?

Benefits Our Clients Experience

Our Clients…

  • Experience the “real thing” while traveling, an authentic journey full of interesting people and chances to wander off the beaten path.
  • Live their literary daydreams through immersive adventures that highlight local history, food, culture, and entertainment.
  • Have unique and interactive experiences at literary festivals, visiting quaint and unique local bookstores, and learning about local author appearances and book signings.
  • Have fun and deepen their bonds with family and friends through travel.

Who We Are

Janine Queenin
Travel Wizard

The love of a book, fictional character, or author can lead you to unique and wonderful places. Storied Adventures will bring a favorite novel to life or help you step into the world of a beloved author.

We’re seasoned travelers, planners, and book lovers who understands getting lost in a good read or a new location.

With experience, passion, and creativity, we craft personalized trips for every type of traveler. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or an introspective bookworm, everyone has a story. Let’s write your next chapter together.


    Janine did a fabulous job organizing our group who travels with high expectations. We only had three days in Rome and she did a wonderful job of balancing seeing the highlights with enjoying time to relax and experience the essence of Italy with great food and great wine!

    Lynn, Amherst in MA


    When my cruise was canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, Janine sprung into action and saved my vacation. In no time, I had a new, fun vacation planned with hotel reservations and a new plane ticket home. All within an hour of our canceled trip! What a blast!! Thanks Janine!

    Missy, Warwick in RI